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Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Summer Holiday

August 23, 2019

The last thing you want to do is exercise on your holidays – you’d rather enjoy it with a few margaritas right?

But if you really want to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, it’s important to maintain physical activity all year round. 

Now some hotels or accommodations won’t have a gym, so exercising may seem impossible. However there are ways you can up your activity to lose a few more calories, and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalators

It might not seem like a lot but it can make a difference. It will also get you into that mentality of consciously making healthier decisions, which should eventually help you in the long run.

Swimming is super beneficial

Whether you’re in a hot country or not, finding a local swimming pool or beach shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Swimming is great for staying cool in the sun and you only have to swim for half an hour to burn up to 200 calories! What’s not to love?

Walking doesn’t have to be boring

If you’re visiting somewhere new, why not take a hike and explore the area? Even spending the day walking round and shopping can be fun, and will burn more calories than you might think. 

Find Restaurants That Are Within Walking Distance From Your Hotel

Who would want to take a taxi when you can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the cool evening air to and from the restaurant? Plus, walking and doing exercise after a meal is a great way to help keep blood sugar levels down.

The Elipse Balloon Programme is one step forward in your weight loss journey but these small changes can help you even further along the way. It’s about the positive habits you make and how these will lead to results you’d never have imagined before.

Losing weight on your own can be difficult, so why not see if you’re eligible for our weight loss procedure? You can find out more about it here or call 01302238110 today to book your initial consultation.

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