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Clothing that will keep your Hyperhidrosis at Bay

August 16, 2019

We know more than anyone that Hyperhidrosis can hold you back from living your life. Social settings can become humiliating when you realise your sweat patches are showing. Intimacy can become unwanted in fear of your sweat smelling bad. The work environment can become awkward when you noticeably wipe your sweaty palms before a handshake. 

It’s all these small but embarrassing things that make hyperhidrosis an awful condition to deal with. With summer at its peak, it’s almost impossible to hide it.

Although, we’ve found that dressing sensibly can really help to manage and reduce signs of sweat. And you probably have most of these pieces in your wardrobe anyway!

Here are 3 types of clothes you can wear this summer.

#1 – Patterned tops

Certain types of patterns can help you hide glaring wet spots. Patterns like plaid, camo or even floral prints can make sweat stand out less.

#2 – Cotton fabrics

Additionally, the type of fabric your clothing is made out of can really impact how much you sweat. Cotton is the choice of fabric for staying cool, whereas something like a Polyester blends will trap heat, causing you to sweat more.

#3 – Flowy cuts

Tight clothing is probably the worst thing a person with hyperhidrosis could wear. Think summer dress, oversized tees and dropped arm holes – these types of cuts will keep you cool and avoid those unwanted sweat pools.

Alternatively, if your excessive sweating is truly unbearable you can opt for hyperhidrosis treatment. This involves injecting botulinum toxin into your armpits to paralyze the muscles and reduce the amount of sweat leaving the glands.

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