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Treatment Options – Hyperhidrosis

Treatment Options – Hyperhidrosis | Lanson Medical

Treatment Options – Hyperhidrosis

This is a common condition which affects many thousands of people in the UK. It is a medical term used to describe excessive sweating in the underarms, palms and soles of the feet.

What is hyperhidrosis?

With Hyperhydrosis, problems tend to begin in puberty and never seem to settle down.

It causes acute embarrassment and can be very debilitating in many aspects of a sufferers life, eg

  • Reluctance to form relationships.
  • Staining the clothes.
  • Can be difficult to hold objects for fear of slipping through the palms.
  • Embarrassment in social circles ( for example when meeting people and shaking hands ).

How Is the treatment performed?

The treatment is performed on an out patient basis. Normally, it takes around half an hour. Tiny injections are given at a number of points in the armpit. You can go home directly after the treatment.

Am I suitable for treatment of my hyperhidrosis ?

The next step would be to arrange a consultation with our Doctor or Nurse to establish if you are suitable for treatment.

In most cases you will be be advised to try a more conservative treatment such as the special depressants that we have mentioned. These are available from your Doctor.

If these have not worked for you then you could be an ideal candidate for treatment of your hyperhidosis with botulinum toxin injections.

How much does it cost?

Treatment of underarm sweating with botulinum toxin injections costs £495. Remember that a repeat treatment may be required. Your Practitioner will be able to give you more information at your consultation.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

If you are suffering with hyperhidrosis for the first time it is always worth seeking your Doctors advice to rule out any other medical conditions.

However, many people are completely fit and healthy other than their troublesome hyperhidrosis.

The excess sweating is a constant problem no matter what the weather, although we see a lot of sufferers as we approach the spring and summer months where the problem can be unbearable.

How can Hyperhidrosis be treated?

There are a number of treatments available and usually the first line of treatment for most are special deodorants available through your Doctor. These deodorants contain aluminium chloride. They can be effective for some patients but we tend to see those for whom this treatment isn’t successful.

How soon will my hyperhidrosis improve?

You should start to see improvement in the condition at around two days. The full effects of the treatment will be visible at around two weeks.

Expect results to last between three and six months. The duration of results will depend on how fast your body metabolises the botulinum toxin.

What treatment do lanson offer?

We offer an injectable treatment of botulinum toxin injections which are An established treatment for hyperhidrosis.

At Lanson we offer this treatment for hyperhidrosis of the underarms only. This is because the FDA have not approved this treatment for sweating of the palms or feet. Injection of botulinum toxin in the palms would be quite painful, it would require administration of local anaesthetic prior to treatment.

Botulinum toxin works to temporarily paralyse muscle. It is more commonly used for removing lines and wrinkles of the forehead and crows feet around the eyes.