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Healthy Diet Alternatives

Healthy Diet Alternatives for Summer

July 5, 2019

Many people struggle to lose weight, especially leading up to those summer months.

And we know more than anyone that dieting isn’t for everyone, that even the best regimes sometimes don’t work.

That’s why a lot of people turn to cosmetic procedures for an easier and more controlled weight loss method. However, most common procedures are usually surgical, which can seem scary and uncomfortable.

At Lanson, we provide the Elipse Balloon Programme – the first balloon with no surgery required. It involves inflating a balloon inside your stomach to create a feeling of fullness which stays there for 4 months before passing naturally.

Healthy eating is required to get you the results you desire. But this can be difficult if you’ve already got bad eating habits or struggle to say no to those delicious afternoon snacks.

So whether you’re here because you have the balloon and need diet advice, or you’re just looking for some healthy snack ideas for summer, we have your back.

Here are some healthy diet alternatives to keep you on track with your weight loss this summer.

#1 – Frozen Banana

It’s just like banana ice cream, but less than half the calories!

Trust us – as boring as this sounds, it is actually super yummy and filling. Simply freeze your banana overnight and then blend it for a cooling and healthy treat.

#2 – Fruit Ice Lolly

Rather than a store bought ice lolly that is packed with calories and preservatives, you can make your own delicious, healthy ice lollies from natural ingredients! It’s perfect for the Elipse Programme as a light snack or as a low-calorie dessert for after your evening meal.

healthy diet alternatives | Lanson Medical

#3 – Watermelon

Perfect for when you’re craving a bit of sweetness after your meal. Not only is it super nutritious, it also has the added benefit of re-hydrating you after a long day in the sun.

#4 – Aloe Vera Drink

Aloe vera is well known for its amazing healing and health benefits! This refreshing drink can be found in many flavours such as grape and strawberry, and is a great alternative to fizzy drinks.

#5 – Coconut Water

Start your morning the right way with a glass of coconut water. Containing natural enzymes, this tasty drink hydrates you and helps you stay clear of artificially sweetened drinks.

Healthy Alternatives | Lanson Medical

We hope these healthy diet alternatives have helped and inspired you to want to eat better in the upcoming summer months.

Our Elipse Balloon Programme comes with dietary advice to help you on your weight loss journey. Find out more about this procedure here or call us today on 01302238110 to book a consultation.

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