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Elipse Balloon

Do you struggle with losing weight? Dieting isn’t for everyone even when they’ve tried a range of different regimes, sometimes it doesn’t work. This can be frustrating and leave people looking for alternative methods of weight loss. Common cosmetic weight loss procedures are surgical, which can seem scary and uncomfortable. Our Elipse balloon package may be what you need. It is the first balloon with no surgery required.

We now offer WhatsApp Consultations for our patients at a time suitable and convenient for you. Contact us on 01302 243208 or fill in the enquiry form if you think the latest advancement in weight loss is the option for you.

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How does the procedure work?

At your first consultation, your doctor should prescribe you with some medication that you will need to take on the morning of your procedure. You will then be required to fast for 8 hours before you have the balloon placed. To place the balloon inside, you will need to swallow a capsule, attached to a wire/catheter, then have an x-ray to make sure the capsule is in the right place. If you’re struggling to swallow the capsule, then your doctor will guide you, still using non-surgical and non-invasive methods. The doctors will then use the catheter to start inflating the balloon, using a special liquid and once inflated remove the catheter. The whole procedure should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete, and you can leave to get on with your day straight after.

After the procedure has been done, you will be given digital scales connected to an app that will allow both you and your doctor to track your progress during the 4 months of treatment. After the 4 months is up a time-activated valve on the balloon will open and release the liquid. This, along with the balloon, will leave your system naturally through your gastrointestinal tract.

How will Elipse affect my diet?

Because the stomach is filled with the balloon, you won’t be able to eat as much as you used to. Saying this, there are actually no dietary restrictions needed to make the balloon work! Your dietician will give you advice and recommendations on the foods you should be eating. They will also have access to your app so they too can track your progress day by day.

Can the Elipse have side effects?

Like any treatment, there will be some side effects, luckily with the Elipse balloon, they are only minor. After the balloon is placed in the stomach, you may feel some abdominal cramping, nausea and some vomiting. These can all be helped with medications that your doctor will prescribe to you.