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Buttock Enhancement

Enhance your buttocks without surgery.

If you would like more volume and shape to your buttocks and hip area but don’t have enough fat for buttock fat transfer, then this could be the perfect treatment for you.

By using an internationally known collagen stimulator, we are able to help give your buttocks more lift, shape, and volume. Non-surgical buttock enhancement is all about volume, projection and lift. Around two to four sessions are required depending on your personal requirements to achieve optimal results. These treatments are usually performed one month apart, enough time for the new collagen to get to work between each session. At your consultation our Nurse practitioner will be able to estimate how many treatments you need.

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How will Collagen Stimulation work for non-surgical buttock enhancement?

The Collagen Stimulator is injected into the buttocks to help create volume, shape and projection. Over the course of a few months, Poly-L-Lactic acid will replace lost collagen and add more to create the full effect, improving your look.

The treatment takes around one and a half to two hours. This begins with the application of topical anaesthetic cream. Local anaesthetic is also injected to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Following injectable placement of the Collagen Stimulator, a massage is performed to evenly distribute the product to the required areas. Treatment needs to be repeated and the number of treatments required will depend on the volume and areas to be treated. In most cases two to four sessions are required. As your new collagen grows over the following months you will notice more volume, shape and definition in the areas you wanted most.

Expect results to start showing after around six weeks, particularly after the second treatment. Poly-L-Lactic acid Collagen Stimulation is a long lasting treatment. Results can last up to two years before top-up treatments are required. When you are ready for a top-up treatment simply call us and we will arrange that for you.

How is Collagen Stimulation different from buttock surgery?

Poly-L-lactic acid Collagen Stimulator is a non-surgical method of buttock enhancement. The treatment does not require a general anaesthetic and in most cases, no time off work. This means that you recover faster than surgical buttock enhancement options. Moreover, there are no risks associated with a general anaesthetic which are required for buttock fat transfer or buttock implants. Similarly, there are no silicone implants to worry about too.

Buttock implants have been criticised for the prospect of implant migration, rejection and infection. Many ladies do not have sufficient fat stores for buttock fat transfer. Of course Poly-L-lactic acid buttock enhancement is not intended for huge buttock volume increases. This treatment aims to increase volume subtly and at the same time improve shape and projection. If you have the dreaded “hip dips” this treatment is ideal. Recovery is much faster compared to buttock enhancement surgery, in most cases normal activities can be resumed on the same day. Compare that with one to two weeks off work with buttock fat transfer and buttock implant surgery.

Collagen Stimulator also differs from other buttock fillers such as hyaluronic acid. As it uses the power of your own collagen, not a man made filler, many ladies like Collagen Stimulator because of this.