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Full Results?

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Long Lasting?

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Sculpture bum injections

You can increase the size of your buttocks and hip dips using poly-L-lactic acid body sculpture bum injections. The results are truly amazing...

This type of buttock enhancement is a less invasive method that helps restore/add volume and lift to the buttocks and hip dips using dermal fillers. It offers a shapely look to the buttocks and is now one of the most popular, fastest growing procedures on the market with fantastic results. It involves small injections that are spread out over 3-4 sessions. Unlike surgery there is no downtime or recovery period (you can return to work or your normal day-to-day routine instantly).

The treatment is completed over 3-4 months, giving a fuller appearance of the buttocks. The product that we use is Sculpture which is an FDA approved poly-L-lactic acid.

Body Sculpture has been widely used since 2004. Its unique way of stimulating your body’s own collagen can improve the lift, contouring and appearance of the hips and buttocks. This product is also great for improving the appearance of stretch marks, smoothing cellulite as well as bettering the skin quality leaving your buttocks aesthetically pleasing. Sculpture works gradually over a period of time and results can continue to be seen for over two years if not more. Our senior nurse Debbie Mills has over 23 years experience in aesthetic medicine and has been trained for buttock enhancement injections by the highly accredited training institute in Miami Florida.

Enhance the size and shape, while creating a natural look to your buttocks with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The fat transfer procedure removes your own fat using the advanced technique of vaser liposuction, before transferring it to the buttock area. Vaser liposuction acts as a full body sculpture and contouring procedure as it can remove fat from up to four places in the body; your thighs, hips, flank and abdomen. The procedure takes a minimum of 1 and a half hours and is performed under general anaesthetic. At your consultation, the plastic surgeon will outline what can be achieved for you.


  • Results are customisable based on your desired size and shape,
  • Results are long-lasting,
  • Cellulite has less visibility,
  • The volume of your buttocks is improved and restored,
  • It adds body sculpture & contouring with vaser liposuction.



    A. Results from Sculpture buttock enhancement treatment are not instant. As you undergo your journey of creating volume and contouring, you will notice an improvement from six weeks onwards. The results will continue to improve over a six month period. From this, results will then last on average for two years. Following on from each treatment, a post–procedure massage will need to be undertaken. The importance of massaging will be discussed in your consultation with our practitioner.

    A. Before a Sculpture treatment is undertaken, we apply topical numbing cream to the area. We also add lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, into the treatment to make it more comfortable and manageable. Normal activities can resume the same day.

    A. Those who are looking for lifting, contouring and some subtle volume in the buttocks and hip area are a good candidate for treatment. How many vials and sessions you need will depend on each individual and their desired result. Another option would be a Brazilian Butt Lift, which acts as a body contouring treatment as well.

    A. There are the intangible benefits to buttock enhancement that include an increase in confidence, improved appearance and a more youthful looking behind. As well as the more visual benefits, such as a fuller bum, reduced stretch marks and cellulite.

    A. You can return to work the same day with Sculpture, whereas a Brazilian Butt Lift involves surgery. The Doctor / Nurse will also see you regularly afterwards to ensure everything is settling down. You will also be given contact telephone numbers for any advice you need in between your visits to the clinic.

    Free Consultation

    During your consultation, your butt shape will be highlighted to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. The treatment is bespoke for every individual.

    We will also talk you through the treatment & answer any questions.

    Candidates suitable for the treatment include:
    • Sagging or flattening of the buttocks
    • Dimples and cellulite of the buttocks
    • For patients who are looking to improve and enhance their buttock and hip area

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