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6 Tips for Hydrated Lips this Summer

July 12, 2019

Lips don’t contain oil glands, like the rest of your skin, so they’re prone to drying out.

Chapped lips can be annoying and painful, if they get really bad they can also bleed a little.

Many of us have dealt with them at various points throughout the year, for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s a bad lip balm that does the opposite of what it promises or fluctuating weather.  

But fear not, there are things you can do to prevent and get rid of your dry lips.

Here are our tips for keeping your lips luscious and moist this summer…

Lip Tip #1 – Apply, apply and apply again

Seems like a no brainer right? But reapplying lip balm every few hours rehydrates your lips to keep them from drying up and cracking. It’s hard not to forget but it’s worth it for perfect lips.

Lip Tip #2 – Say no to flavours and fragrances

Lip products with fragrances might make your lips smell like peaches, but the chemicals that are often used to make them can dry out your lips. So make sure on you’re next shopping trip, you go for a natural lip balm.

Hydrated Lips | Vaseline | Lanson Medical
Lip Tip #3 – Hydrated body = hydrated lips

How do you expect your lips to be hydrated if you’re not? Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day will make your lips smoother in no time… and as a bonus will help clear acne-prone skin too!

Lip Tip #4 – Lip scrub? Yes, please

Exfoliating your lips is a great way to get rid of any dead skin while also promoting blood flow. And you can actually make your own DIY lip scrub at home. All you need is honey and sugar!

Hydrating Lips | Lanson Medical
Lip Tip #5 – Don’t lick

Licking your lips only dries them out more. Saliva evaporates quickly so really your lips will end up drier after than before you licked them.

Lip Tip #6 – A little lip filler never hurt

Lip injections are done using hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that is effective at attracting water. This means that you will not only have full and volumised lips, but they will also become more hydrated.

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